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Letianpai Robot is the world’s first Android robot, which means it can install various apps and has limitless imagination space.

The Big Ideas.

With the features of Android, you can fully customize your Letianpai robot and create your perfect AI robot just as you imagine.

Fun and practical!

this is the most open robot in the world. We will release a fully rooted ROM, giving you complete control over the robot.


Bringing you a brand new experience

Fun AI Pet Make you Happy

Can walk freely, rich and flexible posture, just to make you happy

Everyday Utility Super Practical

Time display, Phone message, to-do list, number of followers display

Voice ChatGPT Productivity Tools

Support users to access voice GPT

Android/Linux System

Android system Support APP installation

For Children
AI Technology

Cultivate children’s interest in technology

Smart Home AI Artifact

Video call, remote video monitoring, security protection


Exciting little AI Pet


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